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Corporate Banking
Current Account

​You may open a Corporate Current Account to manage your commercial and corporate transactions and you can follow up all payments and liquidity requirements of your business through this account.

TURKIYE IS BANKASI A.S. -DEGA NË KOSOVË, participates in the mandatory Deposit Insurance Fund of the Republic of Kosovo

Money Transfer
​In order to transfer money to Turkey, branches in Prishtina and Prizren provide the fastest and the most secure solution. With the mediation of our branches, money transfer to all your accounts in Turkey may be completed within a day, and in the same way you may transfer money from your accounts in Turkey to our branches in Prishtina and Prizren.
Cash Loans
​You may meet the financial needs of your company with loans provided by our branches in Prishtina and Prizren, within the terms and limits set.
Non-Cash Loans
​You may use our service of letter of guarantees issued by our branches in Prishtina and Prizren to beneficiary organizations or individuals, and you may also use our letter of credit product with our wide network of correspondent banks and our experience in the field of international banking.
Overdraft Facilities
​You will cope better with the temporary liquidity needs of your businesses through our overdraft facilities. Upon successful credit assessment, an appropriate overdraft limit is assigned to businesses where interest will be debited on a monthly basis.
Price List
© 2016 Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. All rights reserved
© 2016 Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. All rights reserved