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Deposit AccountIn order to use your savings at any time, you may open a current account.
​General information for Current Account with Basic Services in line with the Central Bank of Kosovo’s regulation

1.ISBANK will provide access to current account with basic services to customers, regardless of customers' financial circumstances, such as their employment status, income level, credit history or bankruptcy. The access to such accounts is not conditional on the purchase of additional services.
2.In case of ISBANK’s decision to reject a customer's application for a payment account with basic services, the customer will be informed on such decission within 10 working days after the full acceptance of the application.
3.ISBANK shall reject an application for opening a payment account with basic services in following cases: 
3.1.When the opening of such an account may result in a violation of the provisions for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.
3.2.If the customer already holds a current account in any other bank that allows him/her to use the basic services, unless the customer provides evidence that he/she has received notification that the current account will be closed by the bank. 
4.In case that ISBANK proves that the customer had a current account with basic services, therefore gave a false statement when opening the basic account, the ISBANK may request from the  customer that for the services received from the ISBANK through the current account with basic services, the customer must pay fees retroactively according to the ISBANK's standard price list. 
5.A current account with basic services includws the following services:
5.1. services enabling all the operations required for the opening, operating and closing of a current account;
5.2. services enabling funds to be placed in a current account; 
5.3. services enabling cash withdrawals from a current account;
5.4. execution of the following payment transactions:
5.4.1. payment transactions through a card, including online payments;
5.4.2. credit transfers (at ISBANK offices, or via the online platforms);
5.4.3. monthly electronic bank account statement.
6. ISBANK will apply maintenance fee for current accounts with basic services, which is disclosed in its official price list. Such fee cannot be higher than 0.12% of the value of the average net monthly salary in the Republic of Kosovo as recently published by the Kosovo Agency of Statistics. However, customers, in addition to the basic services defined to be performed through the current account with basic services, can also perform other services according to the bank's standard price list.
7.ISBANK can unilaterally terminate a contract of a current account with basic services only when at least one of the following conditions is met:
7.1. the customer intentionally uses the current account for illegal purposes;
7.2. there has been no transaction on the current account for more than 24 consecutive months;
7.3.the customer has provided incorrect information to open a current account with basic services.
7.4. the customer has subsequently opened a second account with basic services.

TURKIYE IS BANKASI A.S. -DEGA NË KOSOVË, participates in the mandatory Deposit Insurance Fund of the Republic of Kosovo

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